Factory Of Things | Change the World. In Things.
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Why Factory of Things?

Let’s get people together in a new chain of cooperative thinking.

So we can solve our toughest problems.
– Ron van Es, founder & chief inspiration officer


The fact is there’s a lot of human expertise and brainpower in this world of ours. Now, imagine gathering this brainpower in an effort to address all the important questions and solve some of our toughest problems.


Imagine harnessing the specific brainpower necessary within the fields of creativity, business, process and entrepreneurship. Now imagine allowing them to cooperate with each other in order to get specific measurable results that last.


At Factory of Things we’re utilizing different angles of incorporating dynamic thinking, viewpoints, and expertise that will ensure results on a larger with the focus on areas of social, organizational, and sustainable responsibility.


We specialize in solving complex problems within the industries of health care, education and government. We’re creating workable solutions for companies who are struggling with their ever-changing role in society.


In reviewing these questions, Factory of Things makes a determination regarding the durability, social impact, and meaningful outcome of each individual challenge and if we deem it worthwhile, we gather up the necessary teams in the Factory based upon the unique experience, knowledge and reasonableness.


These are those who are independent out-of-the-box thinkers with unconventional clarity and who thrive on solving complex problems in creative ways.


These are results oriented logic-based thinkers with hands on business prowess, successful track records and theoretically driven strategies that bring results (finance, business models).


These are creative risk-takers equipped with entrepreneurial skills that have been proven to work. These are implementation strategists who feed on new and exciting possibilities (IT, LEAN (startup), Agile and implementation).


This includes the young starters and the seasoned veterans. We will arrange for the starters to participate in what is known as the Factory of Things School. They are educated and equipped as there is much to learn about business and life.


Factory of Things & our goals for 2015 – 2017









Yes on the right you see the magic button!


We believe the world needs real workable solutions.

No more talking. No more advice giving. No more consulting.

The world needs things—products and services that solve real world problems.

We believe in durable solutions. We believe in social solutions. We believe in meaningful solutions.

If there are questions, issues, and challenges hard to solve within organizations and companies around the globe, we’ll harness the necessary brainpower and expertise to bring a solution to bear.

That is what we call a Thing.

We work in both transparency and honesty.

We believe in exponential growth, so that everyone can make use of it.

We change the World. In Things.


The members of the cooperation Factory of Things will work together to solve the various problems in the social, innovative and sustainable area. Because we have so many different backgrounds and baggage, we will be able to use each other’s expertise in a clear and effective chain.

Do you want to join us? E-mail us so that we can tell what the conditions are to become a member.

Factory of Things is not just a network for the network. Is not just a social club. And is certainly not a consulting firm. In Factory of Things, we want to tackle the issues that we see ourselves as oppressive in society and that can sustainable, innovative and socially be solved.

The managementteam that lead Factory of Things will also be involved in the different start-ups and help them on their way.

We will not only work with our members, but also with the ‘wisdom of the crowd’. Working in transparency we can use all that knowledge from people that are interested in new solutions of old problems. Using the wisdom of the crowd in a larger circle around us, we are able to find the right solution. Those people we would like to involve staying in our LinkedIn group.

We offer entrepreneurs different courses in the Ithaka Academy. They will be helped by coaches and mentors. Together with the Factory of Things members they will build their start-ups. With their expertise in investment and their continuous support.