Factory Of Things | Change the World. In Things.
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Change the World. In Things.

26 feb Change the World. In Things.


We increasingly live in a world of visibility. Transparency. It is precisely by the technique which grows exponentially, that we are able to respond more quickly more quickly to solve the problems.

And in a new way.

No longer according to the structures of the corporate world where you as a young worker starts at the bottom to — hopefully — finish at top in the boardroom. No, the technique gives us the possibility to participate. This means that an existing problem should no longer be solved only by experts, but that anyone can contribute.

We call that ‘the wisdom of the crowd’.

And this is for many specialists, administrators, managers, experts still a bit scary. Because, is that wisdom validated? Anyone can call whatever they like.

There is a new phenomenon going on, the Makers. It’s the people who make things at home or in the shed. New inventions. Literally make them with screws, wires, and a lot of patience. Today, they come together at festivals around the world. And guess what, even NASA is coming to poke their noses in. You never know what wisdom comes off here. These creators come up with new ideas, and solve problems.

It is said that the old world is tilting. Old institutions, corporates, education, it will change. Not a revolution, but an other way looking at it. I would say it is the way of Lateral Thinking by Edward de Bono. Rearrange the existing information and thus allow new information to arise.

This could also mean that the information is not managed by a handful people but by many. Exactly what the Makers show now. They go with the existing information, which is transparent shared already and create new solutions for existing problems.

Can we tilt? Can we rearrange? Can we get people together in solving problems in a new way?

The fact is there’s a lot of human expertise and brainpower in this world of ours. Now, imagine gathering this brainpower in an effort to address all the important questions and solve some of our toughest problems.

Imagine no more advice giving, boring meetings or endless consulting. Imagine solving real problems with real working products and time-tested services.

Imagine harnessing the specific brainpower necessary within the fields of creativity, business, process and entrepreneurship. Now imagine allowing them to cooperate with each other in order to get specific measurable results that last.

At Factory of Things we’re utilizing different angles of incorporating dynamic thinking, viewpoints, and expertise that will ensure results on a worldwide scale while integrating both entertainment and inspiration — all this while integrating self-motivated teams with varying levels of knowledge and insight while focusing on areas of social, organizational, and sustainable responsibility.

We specialize in solving complex problems within the industries of health care, education and government. We’re creating workable solutions for companies who are struggling with their ever-changing role in society. We like to put it this way; “The strength of cooperative thinking will change the world.”

Let’s get together. Change the World. In Things.


Ron van Es, founder Factory of Things